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Hi VA lovers, 

Here at VerityAnne we are very excited, not only to be launching our brand new shiny website, but also by our very first blog post!

As you can tell, our first post is about all things new and so what better time and place to launch our new SS15 collection?!

This season we have been inspired by the irresistible Kim Kardashian. Her style and class this season has taken the world by storm and here at VerityAnne, we wanted to show that same style, class and sophistication. But, don't just take our word for it, take a look at some of our inspired pieces for yourself!


Another inspiration for our SS15 collection is, of course, the sun! And what goes best with the sun? SWIMWEAR! We are currently in the design process for our swimwear collection and we must say, we're extremely excited to get the pieces online for you. We were going to keep it all under wraps but we couldn't do that to you! You've twisted our arm and we've given in, here's a sneak preview at our first swimwear piece for summer this year.

We know, we know, you LOVE it right? In that case, you'll adore the rest of our collection - so watch this space and keep your eyes peeled for our big swimwear launch!

That's it from us at VerityAnne for now. So, until the next time fashionistas!

VerityAnne x

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