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Hey VA Lovers

What a great week we've had the weather has been so inspiring to us and new designs are coming daily, long live the sun!!

Well you have been loving the side split skirt this week pair with our kennedy top or one of your own, you can wear the split on the side at the front and even at the back. It is so versatile and now that all of our designs come in 20 colours you can have a huge collection of them! Hope youve got yours ready for a weekend of dancing!!!

Dont forget our Grace two piece such a comfy outfit, casual trousers that can be worn day time with a nice pair of flats and party time with a pair of chunky heals! it comes with a simple boob tube but you cold wear any top to mix it up abit!

We have had a very busy week and to end it we are moving into a bigger space and we are very excited about this!! Lots of new exciting designs to come keep your eyes peeled and dont forget to look out for our much anticipated swimwear line!!

We hope you are loving our new packaging we just wanted to make sure you felt more special and excited when you opened up your new outfits! the feedback we have had so far has been amazing.

Until next week have a great weekend






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