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Hey VA lovers

Another week flew by a little bit colder than it had been and rained abit over the weekend but that didnt dampen our moods infact it was the perfect opportunity to have a look for inspiration and find some of our favourite things here at VA that we love in fashion, also meant we could do some online shopping whilst snuggled up cosy and warm!

As you know we love floral prints in any outfit here are a few different options that we love,

A great beach look floral shorts with a crochet top which we have one similar back on the website soon! The gorgeous leggings teamed simply with a white vest and light denim shirt with chunky sandals for a casual afternoon outing love this! Want to dress up a black outfit wear with a floral jacket, pick out one colour and match your shoes perfect

Have you ever had a favorite pair of jeans that you really cant bear to part with even though the knees are so thin your leg is going to pop through at any minute! well the best way to get some more wear out of them is to put your skills to the test and turn them into some cute cut offs!!!!

Ok Ok we hear you! Easier to just go and buy some! Just an idea if your feeling creative!

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! defo a girls achilles so many to choose from are you brave or safe??? here are a selection of heals, flats, casuals, and a pretty out there pair of ice cream shoes! would you wear them or try and eat them!!!!!!!!?????

Love these flip flops leave someone a message with every step just dont walk backwards could be confusing!!

Just one rule for summer dont forget your pedicure!!!!!

Hope this gives you some inspiration for the summer!

Have a great week





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