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Hey VA Lovers

As you know festival season will be upon us in no time and so we need to start preparing our wardrobes! Good old British weather is so un predictable so you need to be prepared for anything, unlike the beautiful weather they just had in California for the annual Coachella festival which looked amazing! Not to mention the outfits it seems like anything goes!

The main fashion seems to be boho sheik even the decoration, Ferris wheels and teepees and colorful bright lights. Lots of lace and crochet inspired outfits all very flowy even the hair is loose or covered with a hat effortless

Dont forget our crotchet 2 piece available in black and white will be on the website soon  ready to make an appearance at a festival or two!

Our favorite kardashians sisters certainly made statements with there outfits which are bang on trend what do you think??

Denim also a huge hit this year especially double denim and we're pretty sure most of you will have a denim coat hidden away somewhere well its time to get it out!! The great thing about denim is you can wear it with anything and in any way we love to wear a pair of converse, you could wear a cute little pair of boots or a gorgeous pair of gladiator sandals, tall or short you decide!

Bum bags, ruck sacks or over the shoulders purses???? Dont forget your hats, scarves and statement jewellery 


Do these girls ever get it wrong??

Last but not least the dresses most definitely boho oversized, long, short such a chilled out outfit which can be really fun to wear, and any footwear goes love the cow boy boots!


Listening to the radio as i write this and they're talking about Glastonbury must be a sign! If your off to a festival this year have fun! hopefully it will be dry and hopefully this blog has given you some inspiration of what to take with you  to keep you festival fabulous!!

Until next time enjoy the rest of your week and have a fab weekend


Verityanne xx






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