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Hey VA Lovers

We hope your having a good week? What a change in weather today, yesterday was glorious the words 'i am so hot' actually came from my mouth!! Today on the other hand no such words in fact have been cold all day!!

Never mind fingers crossed it changes again soon!

So here at VerityAnne we absolutely love seeing you all in our outfits it makes us feel very proud and also it gives other ladies the chance to see what these outfits look like on real everyday women

Here are a selection of a few pictures we've randomly picked as there is no way we could even begin to choose between the photos, all the other photos are in the WEARING VA option at the top on the website see if you can spot yourself if we've missed you please let us know, these show many of the outfits and the many colours we have to offer, we often have requests that the dress be made shorter or legs on the jumpsuits shorter but most of the time the pics you see have just been pulled up! This also gives you the chance to see what the other ladies do with the mulitways we may even be taught an extra way too!! and the way you can accessorize.............


We hope this gives you a little insight into what the outfits are like, if there is anything that you need changing we can always alter certain outfits

Thank you to you all for tagging VERITYANNE in your pictures and are glad you love them as much as we love making them

Have a great weekend



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