Special Occasion Wear

We use high-quality stretchy fabric to give you the most flattering fit .
Every item is sewn with doubled layered fabric for extra support.
Our figure sculpting materials accentuate your natural curves and fit to absolute perfection. The dresses have been delicately styled in order to exaggerate your assets and make you feel better than you've ever felt in your own skin. 
Our model Grace is a beautiful nurse and mum to two year old Ivy.
This is the message she sent Verity after the photoshoot.
"I felt absolutely incredible! I can honestly say I've never seen my figure look like that. I have always focused on my weird shape hips but the dresses smooth everything out and I was so happy with the hourglass figure I could see in the mirror. After having a baby with a mum tum and stretch marks I am so self conscious but I haven't felt that good in years"
Every design can be altered to suit you. 
Email VerityAnne if you have any enquiries about alterations