Size Chart

We understand that not everyone has a tape measure at home to use when we ask you for specific measurements. We want to make this as easy as possible for everyone!

Please click here to purchase a standard metric/imperial tape measure (60 Inches/150cm).

This will allow you to measure your body/whoever you are purchasing for and give us precise personalised measurements so we can ensure your beautiful VA garments fit you perfectly!

Size Bust Waist Bum

Size 2

30 Inches

22 Inches

34 Inches

Size 4

31 Inches

23 Inches

35 Inches

Size 6

32 Inches

24 Inches

36 Inches

Size 8

34 Inches

26 Inches

38 Inches

Size 10

36 Inches

28 Inches

40 Inches

Size 12

38 Inches

30 Inches

42 Inches

Size 14

40 Inches

32 Inches

44 Inches

Size 16

42 Inches

34 Inches

46 Inches

Size 18

44 Inches

36 Inches

48.5 Inches

Size 20

46 Inches

38.5 Inches

51 Inches

Size 22

48 Inches

41 Inches

53.5 Inches

Size 24

50 Inches

43.5 Inches

55 Inches

Size 26

53 Inches

46 Inches

57.5 Inches

To choose the correct size for you, measure your body as follows


Measure around fullest part

  2. WAIST
Measure around natural waistline
Measure 20cm down from the natural waistline


Wide Leg Trouser Help Guide.

When measuring your inside leg, please take into consideration if you are wearing heels ( how high they are) or if you are wearing flat shoes ie trainers and sandals.

You will need to decide whether you would like your shoes to be completely covered or on show:

Floor length trousers covering shoes:

if you are wanting your shoes completely covered/to the floor then measure from your crotch to the floor (Here's how)

For example: Verity is 5ft 2.5 and her crotch to floor is 30 Inches ( Please note everyone is different, this is verity's personal measurement )

if you are wearing heels you need to add your heel height to your crotch to floor measurement

if she is wearing 3 inch heels she would then add 3 inches + 30 inches = 33 inches inside leg (this is to the floor/ covering heels)

Trousers not dragging on the floor:

If Verity wanted to wear her trousers to show off her shoes and not drag on the floor she would measure from her crotch to ankle bone

For example: Verity is 5ft 2.5 and her crotch to ankle bone measurement is 28 inches.

If you are wanting to wear heels and have you shoes on show/ not dragging on the floor we would suggest adding the heel height to the crotch to ankle bone measurement.

If Verity is wearing 3 inch heels she would then add 3 Inches + 28 Inches = 31 Inches. (this is to ankle bone/ trousers not dragging on the floor)


If you are struggling with these measurements then email us and we can help you.

Here is a link to our How to measure yourself videos



Be My Baby Size Chart

New Column HEIGHT

1-3 months

up to 24 inches

3-6 months

24-26.5 inches

6-9 months

26.5-28.5 inches

9-12 months

28.5-30.5 inches

12- 18 months

30.5-32.5 inches

18-24 months

32.5-34.5 inches

2-3 years

34.5-37 inches

3-4 years

37-39.5 inches

4-5 years

39.5-42.5 inches

5-6 years

42.5-45.5 inches

6-7 years

45.5-48 inches

7-8 years

48-50 inches

8-9 years

50-53 inches

9-10 years

53-55 inches

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