Our Ethics

Verity Anne isn't careless fast fashion. We look after our employees, we make sure our suppliers share our ethical values and we are always thinking about new ways we can reduce our impact on the environment when creating new pieces for you.

Who made your clothes?

All of our designs, sewn and finished by our in house team in Herefordshire. All of our team work in one workshop and we all eat lunch together everyday. We are one big creative family.

Created with love, smiles & skilled hands.

- Verity Anne

Protecting The Planet

All of our designs are sustainably made by our small team of women in Herefordshire. We make to measure every single order and when we get a return we recycle these into new items. We never use hazard chemicals.

Sustainability & Environment

Sustainable fashion concerns ,pre than addressing textiles or products. It comprises addressing the whole system of fashion. This means dealing with interdependent social, cultural, ecological and financial systems.
Although sustainability is such a complex matter and very difficult to control process, at VA we are committed to work under strong ethical policies and to do fashion in a responsible way.

In-House Manufacturing (Ethical Values) And Minimise Waste

ALL of our designs are cut, trim, finished and packed in our Herefordshire workshop. This allows us to assure that the clothing made are following the legislative requirements and the best practices of the textile industry. We can guarantee you that our employees operate in an ethical environment.

We make to measure every single order which comes through to VA. This reduces ALL waste if we do not sell out of a design. If we have any returns as we do offer a credit note return policy, we first try to recycle those clothes and create a new style from them.

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